Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Strength of Vigorous Aging

A friend of ours is a vigorous 88 and regularly plays tennis. She fell on her bicycle this August. She was going uphill, and those of us in the rolling hills of Massachusetts know how brutal that can be even for a college student. During the process her bike went slower and slower, and then she allowed the front wheel to turn and down she went. No ambulance. She got back up on her bicycle and proceeded home, a little hurt and a little shaken. We brought her some Arniflora, left over from fixing our child's pains when learning Tai Kwon Do. Our friend was sipping on an early cocktail when we came by. Some conversation and then we were off to our commitment. It is very good to have confirmed that not all falls, even from bicycles on the hard pavement of the street, are life threatening. They often do not even land a person under the care of a physician.

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