Sunday, June 7, 2009

Single Payer Health Insurance

I was largely uninterested in this issue until recently, when a speaker at Harvard pointed out that the present health insurance system is broken. It is simple to see how it is broken: health insurance is for the most part attached to employers. This leads to huge liabilities for General Motors and other struggling or bankrupt companies. It also leads to expiration of coverage for individuals who lose their jobs. Now, I have worked closely with people at several Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations, so I know the people and cannot accept that the source of the problem is corruption. However, it does appear that there is a problem, whatever the source.

The link here to BILL MOYERS JOURNAL on Single Payer Health Insurance will take you to one of the better discussions that I have heard about this topic. I am interested in your comments, and any other useful references on the topic.

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